Priva Ultra Waterproof Sheet Protector

SKU: CAT-P12601:18"x22", P12602: 24"x34", P12604: 30"x34", P12605: 34"x36", P12606: 34"x52", P12607: 44"x52", P12608: 34"x76" Categories: , Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

Innovative design keeps sheets and mattress dry all night

Durable material that last over 300 washes, guaranteed

Special sewing techinique and rounded corners keep surface flat wash after wash

High density compression core technology that increases fiber interaction for better absorbency and tranfer of fluid

Canadian made environmentally friendly Vintex Safe Guard Barrier System vinyl. Certified by an independent third party lab to be free of Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, and all Phthalates.

Unique 4 Layers design that includes a comfort enhancing dry zone layer

Cotton/Polyester non pilling top layer that is as comfortable as it is durable

Various sizes and styles are offered to cover all of life’s ever changing needs.

Multiple absorbency levels from 1-8 cups of liquid

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No more middle-of-the night bed stripping – you can keep sheets dry all night with our Waterproof Sheet Protector! Placed over the bottom sheet, the sheet protector protects both the mattress and sheets from moisture and staining caused by incontinence or medical conditions. Offers 4 layers protection – Soft quilted thirsty cotton/polyester surface, Polyester fiberfill layer for extra loft, super absorbent high density inner layer, and a vinyl waterproof barrier with a soft polyester knit finish. Features our Vintex Safe Guard Barrier System- certified by a third party independent lab to be free of Lead, Cadmium and Mercury and ALL Phthalates. Our Ultra Priva Sheet Protector will last up to 300 washes and is machine washer and dryer friendly.

Ultra sheet

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18"x22", 24"x34", 30"x34", 34"x36", 34"x47", 34"x52", 34"x76", 44"x52"


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