Priva Super Eidersoff Sheet Protector With Flaps

  • Our Super Soft Eidersoff Bed pads will keep your mattress dry all night.
  • Soft cotton surface provides a comfortable night sleep while our super absorbent polyester/rayon soaker keeps patients/residents dry
  • Our polyester/rayon soaker technology ensures no middle of the night changes or uncomfortable dampness
  • Provides high level protection against leaks or stains and prolongs the life of your sheets and mattress.
  • Our durable construction withstands up to 300 washes and our round-corner design reduces abrasion
  • Tuck in flaps keeps pad in place all night
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Our Super Soft Eiders off Bed pads will keep your mattress dry all night. The cotton rich surface and rounded corner design provides amazing comfort and reduces abrasions. Our absorbent polyester/rayon soaker ensures that fluid is contained and provides protection for your linens and mattress. No more middle of the night bed changes or disturbed sleeps. The durable constructed was designed to withstand up to 300 machine washes and dryings. Size 34″x36″

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24"x34", 30"x34", 34"x36", 34"x52"


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