Americare Premium Certified Vinyl Pillow Protector

  • Protects pillow from liquid spills and perspiration
  • Unique soft surface vinyl is waterproof without the look or fee of vinyl
  • Over 300 washes guaranteed
  • Anti-Allergen barrier
  • Machine Washer and Dryer Friendly. Bleachable
  • Certified Safeguard Vinyl
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Our Premium Certified Vinyl Pillow Protectors are ideal for keeping liquids, allergen and perspiration from penetrating your pillows. Our unique soft surface Safeguard Vinyl is waterproof without the look or fee of vinyl. All pillowcases are  machine washer and dryer friendly, bleachable, and are guaranteed to last over 300 washes.

Americare Tables-08

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20"x26", 20"x30"


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