Can a pajama be sexy?

Let me just go ahead and destroy all you illusions about the shaving cream, a new gun or even a motorbike (which you actually will never give him, right?). So, to save you some time I will state here the obvious fact; the only gift he wants to unwrap… is you. And maybe a beer. But that’s neither here nor there.

So let’s start digging in deeper in what exact type of a turn-on lingerie he wants to take off of you the most. Is it the silk bra? Or, perhaps a barely there underwear that’s sure to bring him to his knees? Today I will be your (experienced) guide in overseeing you choosing the sexiest lingerie ever. Important addition – it just must be the one that will not only flatter your body type and complexion but also heat things up this Valentines Day.

“Or maybe, maybe, just try on a sexy black lace bra. Like that one, which features removable pads to give your “girls” a natural, and not post-plastic surgery lifted look…. ”


Beautiful alluring young brunette woman in sexy lingerie

So whilst a petite body type is easily suitable for wearing almost any lingerie style, still there are some nuances. You definitely will need to pay some extra close attention to the way the underwear and bras cuts are. Just to make sure of displaying your pint-sized curves off the proper way.

If the lingerie of your choice features some additional ruffle details, that will surely suggest an hourglass figure. All the while a two-toned lacy pushup bra will make your smaller sisters look like big ones.

Never forget, that in the men’s eyes, wearing a matching set gives a much more complex sex appeal to it.

To achieve a bold look that will have all of his 2 eyes on you, try on a sheer number with high heels like in the photo below.

Fashionable blond woman posing in sexy black lingerie, elegant hat and sunglasses isolated on white background.

That’s also a fact, that women with beautiful curvy body types may want to select a lingerie-type that will slim the down. Ideally, that effect works, while simultaneously highlighting the shape.

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